• UPDATE: What To Do With Fabric Scraps

    Back in January we asked you for your suggestions on what to do with our fabric scraps. Thank you for all your great ideas. We've decided to go for Pippa Peycke's suggestion of an opt out policy.

    This means when a customer makes an order they will have the choice to opt out of having their fabric donated to PlayWorks, by clicking a box on the site.

    We'll be working hard on making this a feature on the website very soon. In the meantime you can be assured that no fabric will be donated until this is in place.

  • Good News About The Shop!

    We were so encouraged by the number of stores opened on our site that we've decided for the time being to extend our shop promotion. This means you can sell your designs and earn between 10% and 12.5% commission, without having to purchase a test swatch.

  • What To Do With Fabric Scraps

    Every week as a by-product of our printing service we produce lots of fabric offcuts. Sadly storing it all has become quite a problem. We’re very conscious that many of you wouldn’t like the idea of it ending up on a landfill site. It also goes against our company principles of trying to maintain an eco-friendly printing process. This is why we’ve spent months looking into how we can recycle it.



    During our many conversations with textile recyclers we came across an organisation called Playworks. This is a charity whose aim is to improve the quality and quantity of play provision for children and young people in Nottingham, through activities like arts and crafts. We love the idea of our fabric scraps going to such a good cause, but we want you our customers to decide whether we should donate the fabric, as we take the ownership of your designs very seriously.

    We really want to hear your views on this so please get in touch at hello@wovenmonkey.com or comment on this post.

  • Our Shop Is Finally Here!

    The shop is open for business! Start selling your designs today and earn from 10% to 12.5% commission. If you've created an account with us already you can now set up your very own store. To celebrate the launch we're allowing people to sell their designs without having to purchase a test swatch until 31st January.

  • Shop Update!

    We're just making the final preparations for our shop, and we'll be announcing when we're going live very soon. In the meantime why not upload the designs to your account so they'll be ready to sell when we launch.

  • Christmas Opening Hours

    We close on Tuesday 23rd December, and re-open on Monday 5th January. Whilst on our festive break we'll still be responding to your emails. Don't forget we'll also be accepting orders through the site over Christmas and New Year.

  • We're Moving!

    On the 1st December we're moving to more spacious premises. We've been planning this for a while so you shouldn't see too much disruption in our service. Our phone line may be unavailable from 1st to 4th December, but you will still be able to contact us by email.

  • Shop Opening Soon!

    We're pleased to announce that in January we'll be launching a shop on the site. You'll not only be able to earn commission, but you'll receive a designer discount off your purchases. If you're interested in selling your designs please contact us at hello@wovenmonkey.com

  • Christmas Delivery Times

    Do you want to ensure your fabric arrives before Christmas? We've created a helpful table to show you our Christmas delivery deadlines. All orders placed before these cut-off points should arrive before 25th December. Continue reading

  • Shipping Destinations

    Our service isn't just for UK customers. We've increased our ever expanding list of shipping destinations to 33 countries across the world. Continue reading

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