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What To Do With Fabric Scraps

Every week as a by-product of our printing service we produce lots of fabric offcuts. Sadly storing it all has become quite a problem. We’re very conscious that many of you wouldn’t like the idea of it ending up on a landfill site. It also goes against our company principles of trying to maintain an eco-friendly printing process. This is why we’ve spent months looking into how we can recycle it.



During our many conversations with textile recyclers we came across an organisation called Playworks. This is a charity whose aim is to improve the quality and quantity of play provision for children and young people in Nottingham, through activities like arts and crafts. We love the idea of our fabric scraps going to such a good cause, but we want you our customers to decide whether we should donate the fabric, as we take the ownership of your designs very seriously.

We really want to hear your views on this so please get in touch at hello@wovenmonkey.com or comment on this post.

7 thoughts on “What To Do With Fabric Scraps”

  • Caz

    Hi I'm a textiles teacher at a large secondary school in Birmingham. Our pupils ( I speak for all Textiles teachers here) would love to have a fab range of offcuts to use in their projects. Their creativity is stifled by the fact that they are only able to provide a small amount of basic fabric ( usually a pillow case) and with reduced capitation we have limited resources to inspire them.

    • Sue F

      Hi Caz

      Can you let me know if you still want textiles? If so, what is your school address in Birmingham where I can drop off my unwanted fabrics?



  • Dieuwke Philpott
    Dieuwke Philpott January 24, 2015 at 11:15 am

    The Linus Project make small quilts and comforters for children in hospitals. These are given to the children to take home. I'm sure some of your local groups would welcome fabric contributions.

  • Natasha

    Our local Cosby quilters are making small quilts for premature babies and poorly children at the royal. Infirmary hospital in Leicester. The quilt are given to the child and make the hospital beds more homely . They put pockets in the quilts and surprise the kids with little toys. Sadly not all the children come home and so the quilts are a keep sake for the family.

  • Katie Gartside

    I am a primary school teacher in Belper. We are always using off cuts for craft projects and use bigger pieces in our displays or as stimulus for the children's own designs. I am sure all other schools in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire would say the same. Any school would be pleased with a donation! However, I haven't submitted a design yet, so can't speak for those whose art work it is.

  • Nickie Richardson

    We are a sewing group of 5 ladies who get together once a week and sew. Our aim is always to raise as much money as we can for charity by selling the lovely items we make. We have raised so far for quite a few worthwhile charities nearly £10,000.00 just by using scraps of lovely fabric that we are given sometimes by the general public. Sooooooo if you have any spare, please please think of us. Thank you.

  • Ann Finnigan

    Wow! As a teacher of textiles I have just come across this site and was thinking of keeping some of our allocation back to enable our students to create industry standard fabric. We have tried small scale projects within school using layering, laser cutting, dyes and fabric crayons to create original designs that will help students gain good GCSE results.
    The school I work in is in an area with high unemployment and families do struggle and that is why as a department we made the decision to provide all the materials needed for their projects - to have some of your off-cuts to work with would be amazing! I am just starting a project with year 10 to create their own fabric and the most creative on will be sent off to be printed professionally - I wish I could do this for all students!

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