How we got to here...


How we got to here...

Woven Monkey
November 19, 2013

Have you ever spent hours trawling the internet looking for that perfect fabric for a project and failed to find it? Have you ever wished you could personalise a sewing project without spending a fortune? This was the conundrum that led to the creation of Woven Monkey.


We were convinced there were thousands of budding crafters and creative people who would jump at the chance to design their own fabric and customise their projects.

Our wonderful rolls of fabric

With this in mind, we set about researching inks, sourcing fabric and testing endless samples. We met with suppliers in the UK and eventually settled on three types of cotton: Sateen, Drill & Plain. We are convinced our chosen fabrics will produce great results as well as offer our customers value for money.


Our printer arrived one sunny August day. We felt it was important our printing process was eco-friendly which is why we specially adapted our equipment to use water based pigment inks.

Whilst we got to work testing and calibrating the printer, our team of talented developers set about creating a user-friendly website with software that would allow our customers to upload and adjust their designs until they were satisfied.

Our enormous cutting table

It’s taken us several months, a lot of late nights and too much coffee to mention but we are finally ready to launch the official Woven Monkey website! Now you can create your own beautiful fabric with the help of our easy to use software. Your imagination is the limit! Sign up to our newsletter today for blog updates and special promotions.

Want to hear more about our great fabrics? Check out our fabric guide page.

Want to chat to one of our experts? Let’s chat.

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