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MiMi says I'm Special

MiMi says I'm Special

London, UK


Originally from London, Mimi is a singer and songwriter living and working in Berlin with her band MiMi & the Mad Noise Factory. Drawing has always been a huge part of her life as well as sewing. She originally began designing hand-drawn fabrics as part of her musical act wanting to create a whole world for people to escape to with their eyes and ears. That soon became a massive fabric design addiction. Her influences include the illustrated books her grandmother used to keep from the 1920s & 1930s, the beautiful fabrics her Godmother sends from her home in India, dreams and the natural world wherever she goes. Mimi's mother, Polly Eltes was an artist and model during the 80s so Mimi has been surrounded from an early age by talented designers and artists like Zandra Rhodes and Carol Mcnicoll. This was not only a creative influence but also meant that she was able to watch their techniques and ways of working and learn a great deal from that.

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