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Rennes, France


Hello! Don't hesitate to contact me via my website or my facebook page if you are interested in a variation of any of my designs (change of scale / colour etc). I am an Artist and Designer passionate about creating with vibrant, jewel-rich colour. My original paintings are always the starting point for my design work. I work from many themes but my current paintings are inspired by the wild animals, butterflies and birds which I am lucky enough to see often in the countryside and forests which surround me. I like to use elements from my paintings to explore pattern and decorative surface design. My original paintings are large scale oils and acrylics. I create my surface designs in a range of media including digital art processes. I have a B.A.HONS Degree in Fashion and Textile Design and am a qualified teacher of Art and Design. Personal Website (as listed in my details). Also you can follow me on INSTAGRAM at @nocturne.artiste or on my FACEBOOK PAGE at: @nocturnedesigner (Nocturne) / https://www.facebook.com/nocturnedesigner/ (Nocturne)

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