Decisions, decisions!

We've had several customers ask us recently whether we'll be introducing any new fabrics. Over the next few weeks we'll be testing a number of fabrics, and we're looking for your input in helping us decide on which one to choose. This is your opportunity to tell us what you think, so please give us your suggestions.

13 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions!”

  • Linda


    I'm looking for soft cotton. Or anything else, what I could use for children's leggings.

  • Sophia

    I am looking for a silk so that would be fab! :)

  • SweetPea

    Jersey would be great, as it can be hard to find nice prints. And a crepe de chine? Or rayon? Something drapey.

  • Nina

    I'd love to see certified organic cottons, like they have at Spoonflower - if they could be certified Fairtrade too, so much the better! Ideally two different woven weights (e.g. poplin and canvas) and a knit too... (Maybe you should speak to Phil at the Organic Textile Co - .)

    • Kimberley

      Yes I am in agreeance with Nina, if you haven't already please get in touch with the Organic Textile Company. Not being able to find a print on demand service that uses organic fabrics has slowed up my work as a surface pattern designer as I reduse to buy into the textile industry toxic masses. Although fabric dyes and inks ha e a lo g way to go before they are really environmentally friendly, GOTs certified organic fabrics is a great step in the right direction! Thank you :-)

  • Nellig

    Cotton jersey please! For tee-shirt purposes. It would be nice to be able to buy it in the UK instead of having to have it shipped from Spoonflower in the USA.

  • Nikki

    Linen would be good :-)

  • Fiona

    Cotton lawn and linen in soft pastel shades, suitable for children's clothing.

  • Cherie Grist

    Something with stretch like a jersey, lycra or even sweatshirt fabric,

  • Anna

    I've been trying to find a cream coloured cotton a stark white is a little too bright for the look I am trying to create. Would you consider doing a number of 'off-white' shades too?

  • Ella

    I would love a organic cotton singel jersey!

  • Julia

    I would love a organic cotton singel jersey too!!

  • Anthea Grob

    Sorry website is temperarily down, but medium weight organic and organic cottona nd linen or hemp mixes.

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