See Our Customer Creations!


See Our Customer Creations!

Woven Monkey
January 20, 2016

It's been a long time since we showed off some of the amazing creations our customers have made using our fabric. Well here are just a small number of them.....


11407077_911782702178623_4461779213309207110_n This fantastic bag was made by Wychbags using our cotton drill.
12278796_1519131991737309_6978642263467280829_n Amy Chan created this amazing cushion using our cotton drill.
16792_365522240291684_3438127371556666180_n These colourful lampshades by Amy Lanyon were made using our 100% plain cotton.
These items would created by Tidy Hangers using our cotton sateen. All these incredible items were created by Tidy Hangers using our cotton sateen.
image1 The detailed photo you see in this cushion by Gill Le Gras was made using our cotton drill.
11289596_10153396416517642_3634199337696836606_o This cute cosmetic bag was made by Sally Garner using our cotton sateen


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