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  • What are the dimensions of your fabric?

    Answer: Please find below our fabric dimensions:

    Fabric Test Swatch Fat Quarter 1 Metre
    Basic Cotton 20cm x 20cm 52cm x 50cm 105cm x 100cm
    Basic Poly 20cm x 20cm 68cm x 50cm 138cm x 100cm
    Jersey 20cm x 20cm 53cm x 50cm 110cm x 100cm
    Chiffon 20cm x 20cm 65cm x 50cm 134cm x 100cm
    Plain Cotton 20cm x 20cm 71cm x 50cm 146cm x 100cm
    Poly Stretch 20cm x 20cm 68cm x 50cm 140cm x 100cm
    Georgette 20cm x 20cm 65cm x 50cm 134cm x 100cm
    Stretch Jersey 20cm x 20cm 66cm x 50cm 136cm x 100cm
    Satin 20cm x 20cm 65cm x 50cm 134cm x 100cm
    Scuba Stretch 20cm x 20cm 70cm x 50cm 145cm x 100cm
    Cotton Poplin 20cm x 20cm 72cm x 50cm 144cm x 100cm
    Cotton Stretch Jersey 20cm x 20cm 71cm x 50cm 146cm x 100cm
    Active Lycra 20cm x 20cm 68cm x 50cm 140cm x 100cm
    Tea Towel Fabric 20cm x 20cm 70cm x 50cm 70cm x 100cm
    Cotton Drill 20cm x 20cm 72cm x 50cm 148cm x 100cm
    Soft Canvas 20cm x 20cm 69cm x 50cm 142cm x 100cm
    Cotton Fine Warp Satin 20cm x 20cm 68cm x 50cm 138cm x 100cm
    Cotton Half Panama 20cm x 20cm 73cm x 50cm 150cm x 100cm
    Organic Half Panama 20cm x 20cm 72cm x 50cm 148cm x 100cm
    Cotton Linen 20cm x 20cm 68cm x 50cm 138cm x 100cm
    Fleece 20cm x 20cm 65cm x 50cm 132cm x 100cm
    Faux Linen 20cm x 20cm 68cm x 50cm 140cm x 100cm
    Bull Denim 20cm x 20cm 72cm x 50cm 148cm x 100cm
    Soft Velvet 20cm x 20cm 68cm x 50cm 140cm x 100cm


    For more information on our fabrics visit http://www.wovenmonkey.com/fabric/guide/

  • Does your fabric shrink?

    Answer: Shrinkage will occur when the fabric is washed. The amount will vary depending on the fabric. Please visit our “Fabric Guide” for more information.

  • How do I best care for my fabric?

    Answer: We recommend our fabrics are washed on a 30ºC  delicates wash cycle. Some fading is typical with pigment inks, especially with dark colours. We also suggest when using a tumble dryer this is used on a low temperature setting.

    With our polyester fabrics fading should be less noticeable after washing, but extra care should be taken with our soft velvet.

    Our bull denim, cotton drill, cotton-linen and half panama are dry clean only.

    When ironing a standard cotton setting will be fine, but please avoid spraying the fabric with water as this can cause staining or marking.

  • Having trouble uploading your design?

    Answer: If you're struggling to upload your design to the website, then it's important to check the file format, and the file size. We accept the following file formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIF, SVG, AI & EPS. If your artwork is not saved in one of these formats then it won't upload to the site.

    We have a file limit of 30mb. If your design exceeds our file limit then your design is unlikely to upload to the site.

    Please contact us at hello@wovenmonkey.com if your design is still not uploading, after checking the file format is correct, and it's under 30mb.

  • Why is my design showing at the wrong size?

    Answer: If your design is appearing at the wrong size on the preview page then it could be due to the image resolution. Therefore it's always important to check the image resolution of your artwork before uploading it to the site.

    If it's appearing too large then it could be due to the image resolution on the site being set to low. For instance you might have created your artwork at 300 DPI, but it's set as 150 DPI on the preview page. This will result in the design appearing at double the original size.

    If the artwork is appearing too small, then it might be due to the image resolution of your design being below 150 DPI.

    The advice given only applies to non-vector images. That's those which aren't PDF or AI files. With vector images you should leave the DPI at our default setting of 150 DPI.

  • What file formats am I able to use?

    Answer: JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIF, SVG, AI & EPS are all acceptable file formats. The file must be no more than 30MB. All AI, SVG and EPS files are converted to PNG before printing can begin.

  • What is the ideal image resolution to use?

    Answer: The ideal image resolution to use would be 150-300 DPI. However, you have the freedom to upload an image at any resolution, but the preview will always be displayed initially at 150DPI. You can also alter the resolution once the image has been uploaded.

  • How do I ensure my colours are printed correctly?

    Answer: Please make sure before uploading your file that the colour profile is RGB (for those that want more technical info, ideally sRGB IEC61966-2.1). We do not check the design before printing.

    We always recommend you purchase a swatch of your fabric before ordering a higher quantity. This way you can check to see if the colours match your design.

  • How long do I have to wait for my order?

    Answer: For all orders we aim to print, fix, cut, pack and despatch your fabric within 5 to 7 working days. The majority of our parcels are sent using Royal Mail although larger orders may be sent by courier.  Our working days are Monday to Friday.

  • What are your standard delivery charges?


    For UK customers our standard delivery charges are as follows:

    Order Amount Economy Delivery RM 48 Standard Delivery RM 24
    0-£10 £1.50 £2.50
    £10.01-£16 £3 £4
    £16.01-£30.99 £4 £5
    £31-69.99 £5 £6
    £70-£99.99 £7 £8
    Orders Over £100 FREE FREE


    For customers within the EU:

    Order Amount Postage Charge
    £0-£10.82 £6.75
    £10.83-£20.82 £8.75
    £20.83-£39.97 £10
    £39.98-£59.97 £12.50
    £59.98-£119.95 £15.50
    Orders Over £119.96 £24


    For all other countries which we post items to we will clearly display the delivery charge on the basket page. If your country isn't listed as a shipping option please contact us at hello@wovenmonkey.com

  • How much is express delivery?


    With express delivery your order will be despatched within 3 working days (mon-fri) and sent either by Royal Mail 24 or 24hr courier. The table below shows the cost of this service:

    Order Amount Postage Charge
    0-£15 £10
    £15.01-£83.97 £15
    £83.98- £279.90 £25

    Please be aware this option is only available for UK customers purchasing 10 metres or less.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    Answer: We currently post to the following countries: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey & United States.

    We’re always looking to expand our deliver destinations so if you’re country isn’t listed above please contact us at sales@wovenmonkey.com

    Please note that for orders outside of the UK there is an additional postage charge. Also you may be subject to custom charges.

  • Is every design uploaded automatically put up for sale?

    Answer: Any artwork you upload to the site will still remain under your copyright. Therefore unless you have set up a store on the site and submitted your design to be sold, it will not feature on our shop.

    This means any design you upload to the site will remain yours, and will not be sold unless you've requested it.
  • How do I set up my store so I can sell my designs?

    Answer: Once you have logged into your account go to ‘My Store Details’. From here you will need to provide us with the following:

    1. Store name
    2. PayPal email address (we need this to send you your commission)
    3. Store Description


    There is also optional information you can give us, which will help you personalise your store:

    1. Profile Picture
    2. Shop Banner
    3. The city you are from
    4. A link to your personal website
  • What commission can I earn from selling my designs?

    Answer: We have 3 different commission rates which are based on the monthly sales of your designs.

    With Monkey Merchant you will earn 10% on each purchase of your design (excluding test swatches). Once you have earned over £50 you will automatically become an Ape Entrepreneur and receive 11% commission. If you achieve over £120 of commission you will receive 12.5% as a Gorilla Tycoon. Please be aware these commission rates are reset at the end of each month.

  • How is my commission paid?

    Answer: When you set up a store you will have to provide us with your PayPal account details. All payments will be sent through PayPal. This will be the first week of the following month. Please be aware if the total commission is less than £5, the amount will be brought forward to the next month. Therefore a payment will only be made if the total is at least £5.

  • Why can it take a few days for a design to appear for sale?

    Answer: Each design which is submitted has to be checked to ensure it complies with our terms & conditions and there are no errors in the artwork, such as the repeat not working. Once approved it will then appear on the site.

  • What method of printing do you use?

    Answer: We use wide format printers which print directly onto the fabric using water based pigment inks. This is just like a much larger version of an inkjet printer you may have at home, which has been specially adapted to accept fabric. Our printing method is far more eco-friendly than others, as we don’t use additional chemicals in the preparation or printing of our fabrics. Also there is very little wastage involved in both ink and materials.

    For the polyesters in our range we use a dye sublimation process. This results in fabrics which are more vibrant in colour, and give better wash results.

  • How do I cancel an order?

    Answer: If you wish to cancel your order please get in touch at orders@wovenmonkey.com. We ask that you contact us as soon as possible as any delay may mean your order could have been despatched already.

  • Am I able to return my fabric?

    Answer: At Woven Monkey we want our customers to be happy with the fabric they receive. Due to the bespoke nature of our service we will only consider returns where there is a fault in the base fabric or print, as we are unable to re-use or resell material that is returned to us.

    Any fault must be reported to us within 14 workings days of receipt of the item. If after inspection the fabric is determined to be faulty we will offer you a reprint or a refund and we'll contribute to a customer’s return delivery costs.

    If you wish to discuss returning your printed fabric please contact us at orders@wovenmonkey.com

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