Turn your spectacular designs into printed fabric in just 4 easy steps!

Upload your design

Before you begin it’s important your file is ready to be uploaded. To avoid problems make sure you follow these simple tips:

  • i) Your file is less than 30MB
  • ii) The image resolution is at least 150 DPI
  • iii) The colour profile is RGB, not CMYK
  • iii) The file has been created in one of the following formats:

If you’re unsure how to create your design visit our guide to design tools.

With your file ready you can now upload it to our site!

Choose your layout

Before we can print your design you’ll have to select your fabric layout. Below is an explanation of each option available. If you’re unsure on the layout, a preview of your artwork will be shown on the screen.

Repeat Repeat

The design will be repeated to cover the available space of the fabric ordered. The dimensions of your image will not be altered.

Half-Drop Half-Drop

Your design will be repeated but with a vertical half drop as you move to the right. As with the previous option the image will be repeated to fill all the available space.

Half-Brick Half-Brick

Similar to a Half Drop apart from this time the design is repeated with a horizontal half step to the right as you move down the fabric.

Mirror Mirror

The design will be mirrored both on the x and y axis and repeated across the available fabric.

Centre Centre

The design will be in the centre of the fabric. The image will appear only once, without being repeated.

Choose your fabric & quantity

Now you’re ready to choose which of our 23 fabrics you want to print on. For an in depth guide to our fabrics please click on the link below:

Fabric guide >

Once you’ve decided on the fabric, you need to select the size. If you’re ordering the design for the first time it’s recommended you purchase a test swatch. This way you can check to see if the printed design meets your expectations.

Wait for delivery!

The final step is to go through our checkout process. We accept all major debit/credit cards and PayPal. Once you’ve paid for your fabric the only thing to do then is to wait for it to arrive. We aim to have your fabric printed, fixed, cut, packed and despatched within 5-7 working days (mon-fri). If there is a delay we will contact you.

If you're in a hurry we also have an express service, which means your fabric will be posted within 3 working days (UK customers only).

Find out more how we create your fabric!

Ready to get started? Go create!

Let's get started >

We realise people go about creating their designs in different ways. Some like to start by painting or drawing a design and then scanning it, before editing it on their computer using a software package. Others like to create it just using a software programme such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. However you like to create your designs we have tried to cater for most file formats.

Although the majority of people will use Photoshop and Illustrator there are other design tools available, such as GIMP and Inkscape. These are by no means the only alternatives out there. A quick search on the internet should come up with many results.

If you want to know more about how to make your designs in Photoshop, Illustrator, GIMP or Inkscape we have links below to their official tutorials.

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