DIY 3D Christmas Decorations


DIY 3D Christmas Decorations

Woven Monkey
October 21, 2016

Hello! It may only be October, but we like to start early for a handmade Christmas! Today we're going to be making 3D hanging Christmas decorations. They're perfect for beginners, and you can even hand sew them if you don't have a sewing machine.

We've made 2 variations using beautiful designs by RieDesigned. You can order your own on a choice of 6 fabrics! The construction for both variations is identical, so we'll show them both together.

Supplies (variation 1):

1 fat quarter of Christmas Snow Globe fabric (makes approx. 4 decorations)
1 handful of soft toy stuffing per decoration
20cm (approx. 8") gold ribbon per decoration
White thread


Cut around the designs, leaving a 1cm (2/5") white border.


Place two designs with right sides facing, and pin in place. When we sew the pieces together in the next step we'll want to leave an open gap at the top, so we've marked this with two pins at right angles to the edged in the photo below:


Ready for sewing!


Sew around the edge of each decoration with a 1cm (2/5") seam allowance, leaving a gap at the top as we marked in the previous step. Trim down any excess seam allowance.


Turn your decorations the right way around - it may be a little fiddly, but they should look like this:


Fill each decoration with a handful of stuffing.


Take a 20cm (8") piece of gold ribbon, fold it in half, and tuck the open end into the top of the decoration. Fold the raw edges of the decoration opening inwards, and pin in place. This can be a bit fiddly!


Sew along the pinned edge to secure the ribbon loop. It can often be easier to hand sew this bit.


Tada! You're done!

For bonus points, why not add some dried lavender to the stuffing to make your decorations smell really nice? They make great gifts too!



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