Postage Charges


Postage Charges

Woven Monkey
August 17, 2015

Since starting our company just over 18 months ago we have always charged free delivery to UK customers. In that time we’ve seen our costs increase, but we’ve always resisted raising our prices or charging postage to cover these extra expenses.

However, after a recent price increase by one of our suppliers it’s forced us to look at things again. We aren’t increasing our prices, but from today we will be charging postage to UK customers on certain orders. It’s not all bad news though. For small purchases it’ll still be free delivery, and for those spending £100 or more it’ll be free as well.

See our table below for more details:

Order Amount Postage Charge
0-£10.00 FREE
£10.01-£29.99 £2
£30-£69.99 £3.50
£70-£99.99 £6
£100 or more FREE

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