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We're pleased to announce that in January we'll be launching a shop on the site. You'll not only be able to earn commission, but you'll receive a designer discount off your purchases. If you're interested in selling your designs please contact us at

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  • Charmayne Ferrier Brown
    Charmayne Ferrier Brown November 24, 2014 at 2:32 pm

    Oooh Yes please! I placed my first orders with you in the early hours of this morning, having uploaded my first few designs with Woven Monkey. I currently import my designs, having printed them with Spoonflower. They sell very well there, but I am getting so many requests for my fabric here in the UK that I would absolutely love to sell them via a UK print on demand service with designer discount and commission!! So much quicker too.

    My best selling designs are based around a certain mine and creeper online game. They are all my own artwork, not taken from game footage or merchandise, but redrawn digitally with my own variations. They have been given the 'once over' throuroughly by Mojang's legal team and have been cleared as they do not breach any copyright legislation and I do not use the name of the game in my fabric title, description, keywords or marketing etc.

    I am also being commissioned for more designs for UK customers.

    How quickly will this service be launched as I am receiving messages daily asking me where UK sewists can buy my fabric.

    Thank you.

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