We've got 4 new fabrics to tell you about!


We've got 4 new fabrics to tell you about!

Woven Monkey
August 27, 2021

What better way to show off our 4 new fabrics, then with a burst of colour!
We know you're going to love our Basic Poly, Chiffon and 2 Stretch Jerseys.

Each new fabric adds something a little different. Our Basic Poly is a great entry level polyester at only £17 per metre.

The Chiffon is the first material we've offered where you can see the print clearly on both sides of the fabric.

Finally we've greatly expanded our range of stretch fabrics by introducing 2 new jerseys, with one being a cotton. What more could you want?

Want to hear more about our great fabrics? Check out our fabric guide page.

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