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Milton Keynes, England

Hi, My Name is Annie. Professionally, I'm a graphic designer - but being a creative person, I have always enjoyed and immersed myself in an array of making, creating and crafting. It's my life long passion. I always feel rather sorry when I can't find a good outlet to share creations. To me, it seems a bit of a waste to keep things you've created to yourself. I found "Woven Monkey" quite by mistake. I had started a project, making a small range of cat jackets/harnesses, inspired by my big, fluffy, indoor cat "Chess". He loves watching "his pigeons" in my back garden, it's one of his favourite things in the world! So I wanted to make him a bird themed jacket. I knew exactly what I was after - a cute, cartoony print, featuring pretty, soft colours - but I just couldn't find what I wanted in existence, so I decided to create my own. It was just by chance I found this website and was thrilled to see that I could even share my fabric designs for other people to enjoy on here. I love drawing! I used to want to be an illustrator before I decided design was a surer way to maintain a steady income. Also, being a designer, I have the technical know how and a good eye for detail, layout and colour harmony. So hopefully, I will have much to offer here.

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