DIY Toblerone Shaped Zip Pouch


DIY Toblerone Shaped Zip Pouch

Woven Monkey
June 11, 2016

Hello, and welcome to the second instalment in our zip pouch tutorial!

This week we'll be making a sort of stretched Toblerone-shaped pouch, which is a bit more advanced in terms of construction, but is great for storing all your holiday bits and pieces like sun cream and shampoo.

To start with you'll need to cut out the following shape four times; that's twice in your outer fabric (I chose anchors (by DARSdesigns), and twice in your lining fabric (I chose kelp (by Rachel Grant). The size is completely up to you.

DIY Zip Pouch 1

Once you have your pieces cut, follow the instructions as in our last tutorial for inserting the zip on the top seam. You'll hopefully have something that looks like this:

DIY Zip Pouch 2

Once your zip is securely in place, fold the right sides of the anchors together, and the right sides of the kelp. Stitch down the sides and bottom, leaving the L-shaped corners free, like in the diagram below (stitch lines are marked as green dashes). Also remember to leave a few inches open at the bottom of the lining (right hand side below) so you'll be able to turn your bag the right way round once we're finished!

DIY Zip Pouch 3

Clip excess seam allowance at the open corners:

DIY Zip Pouch 4

This step is a little tricky, so take your time and bear with us! You need to open up the unstitched corner and bring point A (marked on the photo above) to point B, bringing the right sides of the fabric together. This makes the bag 3D, and creates the 'Toblerone' shape. Then stitch across the new corner, which will look a little strange, but if you have something like the photo below, you're on the right track!

DIY Zip Pouch 5

Do this for all four unstitched corners, before turning your bag the right side out and stitching closed the gap you left earlier in the lining of the bag.

Ta-dah! You have yourself one summery zip pouch with lots of room for all your holiday accessories!

DIY Zip Pouch 6


DIY Zip Pouch 7

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