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The Fairy Path

The Fairy Path

Brighton, UK


I have been a 3D artist for the past 15 years and share my 3D art online. I also work in 2D and decided to transform my fairies and fantasy creatures into fabric. I have loved fairies ever since my only sister was dying in hospital with Sarcoma a rare bone cancer. Debbie was 9 when she died and I was just 10 years old. I witnessed so much suffering that the only way I could cope and shut myself off from it was to dream myself into a fantasy world of unicorns and fairies and all things magical. It helped me get through the long year my sister was ill until she finally passed away in her sleep. In a way my artwork is in her honor, I know she would have loved every single piece I created and I hope she is looking down on me and watching all I do.

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