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I came to designing late in life at the age of 56. Chronically sick with ME/CFS for 20 years I design online when I feel well enough to do so for short periods of time. It is very satisfying and interesting hobby and I love looking and learning from other designers work on this site and others. It is my way of 'giving back to the world'. Creating something that I hope will give someone pleasure as I am not strong enough to work full-time. The profile picture is a Hebrew prayer. It translates The Lord Our God the Lord is One. This and the yellow floral design is available for sale. If you look at any of my designs and think "O I do wish those spots were bigger those flowers smaller then do message me. I'll do my best to accommodate you. Remember ladies, large designs can make you look bigger! Small scale makes you look slimmer so covering yourself with huge gigantic roses is not necessarily a great idea if you want to look your best.

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