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A Bushel of Hops

A Bushel of Hops


I am involved in growing hops on the family farm, If you would like to see more of the hop story you can see more on my website www.abushelofhops.co.uk I am passionate about hops but I am also a quilter. Since starting to quilt in 1999 I naturally began looking for hop themed fabrics. When I did not find any that I liked, I started to sketch my own ideas. That was the easy bit - they then had to be put into a suitable format for uploading to Woven Monkey, I contacted Sylvie of 'Art on Fabric' and she kindly agreed to perform the 'magic' and put my designs into the right format. This has been an exciting journey and the designs I first sketched are now real fabric to stitch with thanks to Sylvie. Please feel free to sell anything you make with these fabrics but please tell your friends where you purchased them.

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